We are an organization of business executives and professionals from the 
New York metropolitan area whose regard and concern for the safety of law
enforcement officers is based on one premise:

If there is a breakdown in respect for the men and women in blue
who are sworn to protect and serve us,
then what chance does the average citizen have?

Founded in 1984 by then chairman of New York Bus Service, Edward F. Arrigoni,
COP-SHOT has been an intercal part of the NYPD resources to catch cop killers for over thirty years.
Over the years, the program has brought over 29 COP-SHOT cases to justice, thanks to the concerned citizens that have called the 1-800-COPSHOT hotline.

Thanks to the generous donations of its donors who support COP-SHOT, this unique program has been an unprecedented success, being the first of its kind in the United States.

Over the years, the hotline has become the vehicle for citizens to get their anonymous information into the department,  without calling 911 and having a marked police vehicle pull up in front of their homes. 
Since its inception, the hotline has brought in numerous tips from concerned citizens, some who did not even want the reward, but just wanted to get these heinouis criminals off the street.


 New York City Police Department
New York State Troopers (in the downtown area)
Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police
Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police
Amtrak Police (in the NYC area)